Got A BMX? Why Abandon It Because Of Ice?

When the temperature drops, some people head to the nearest pub for a hot toddy or build a roaring fire. Others strap on ice skates or break out a pair of hockey pads and get ready to hit the ice. Whether you live somewhere where there’s snow year-round, are lucky enough to visit a cold place during winter vacation, or just want a new way to enjoy winter, learning how to do Ice BMX could be just the activity you need. With Ice BMX, also known as fat ices biking or fat biking, you strap on special fat tyres on your bike and hit the ice! This exciting sport is an excellent way to get outside in the winter and enjoy it even more. Keep reading to learn more about how you can start Ice BMXing today!

What Is Ice BMX?

Ice BMX is an exciting winter sport where you strap special tyres on your bike and hit the snowy trails. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors when the weather isn’t the most cooperative. It’s also a fun activity to do with friends, so you can make it a social outing. If you’re in a place with a lot of snowfall, you can try out this sport almost any time of year. There are several ways to enjoy Ice BMX, including using fat tyres on your bike, using block skates, or even just riding around on your regular bike with studded tyres.

How to Ice BMX

There are a few different ways you can Ice BMX, including on your bike, on inline skates, or on foot. Ice BMXing on Your Bike - If you want to Ice BMX on your bike, you’ll need special tyres to get around on the ice. You can use tyres with large knobby tread on the ground or smooth tyres similar to those used for roller skating. If you want to use the same tyres for both skate and bike, you can use skate wheels with the smooth side facing outward. Ice BMXing on Skates - If you want to go Ice BMXing on inline skates, you can use smooth wheels, which are the same used in roller skating. Ice BMXing on Foot - If you just want to walk around on the ice wearing Ice skates or walking shoes with the studs removed, you can enjoy this version of Ice BMX as well!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can participate in Ice BMX. There are no age restrictions for this sport. While you may need to modify your equipment depending on your age and fitness level, there is something for every level of Ice BMXer. You can also do this as a team building activity with co-workers or during a family holiday.

Tips for Beginners

If you’re just getting started with Ice BMX, there are a few things you can do to get ready. When choosing the right tyres for your bike, you’ll want to look for wide tyres with a smooth tread. The tread on normal tyres will get caught in the snow and ruts and make it harder to navigate. You may also want to wear a helmet when Ice BMXing. While it won’t protect you from falls on the ice, it will protect you if someone accidentally hits you. As you get more experienced with Ice BMX, you can add some tricks to your routine. Once you get the basics down, you can incorporate other moves, such as jumps and spins, for an even more exciting experience.

Final Words

If you’re ready to try something new, exciting, and different this winter, you can't go wrong with Ice BMX. This sport is perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels. It’s also an excellent way to get in some exercise and fresh air during the winter. All you have to do is grab some skates or tyres and hit the trails!